You will find here the Statute of the Romanian Association for Audience Measurement as approved by the General Assembly on 19 May 2021. The text is for general information purposes only.

1.   Member of Association can be any legal entity which is comply with the Association statute, is part of     the following categories / groups of interest:

2.  Media channels that have in Romania allocated space emission of advertising messages, in accordance with legal requirements;

3.   Clients, defined as companies that use the mass media only to promote products and services.


Find here the application form  for Association membership.

ARMA has a continuous practice of complying with applicable laws. ARMA has updated its procedures regarding the competition law. The document containing recommendations for the members on the competition law can be studied here: #01_Guidelines on compliance with competition law_ARMA


ARMA has clear rules on complying with the competition law by its members, employees and partners and behaviors which might violate the competition laws are forbidden.


One of the guiding principles of the Association is that the Association is not interfering in the commercial activity of its members.


Another principle observed by the Association is that the Association watches closely its activities so no agreements or practices which might violate the competition laws take place.


Taking into account these principles, the Association asks its members to have a conduct based on the observance, assimilation and the application of the competition law provisions.