Documentation regarding international trends of extending the audience measurement systems on several platforms

International press began to run many news regarding the need and acuity to develop a measuring platform to integrate multiple media wich to replace current measurement system that is considered a way that is not consistent with market realities.

The news began to appear only after a group of broadcasters, media and advertising agencies and advertising clients met to form "Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM), which has proposed to fund research studies to develop and innovate the audience measuring procedure.

Common interests of members of the new coalition, formed by the major players in the media industry, focuses on two aspects: developing an integrated audience measurement system focused on 3 media: TV, Internet and various mobile platforms, but also taking advantage of the potential offered by use data generated by the set top boxes.

Making-up of this group has caused also negative reactions from Nilsen (which currently has a monopoly in the U.S. market for TV audience measurement), even more as they measure separately the three platforms and worked for a long time to develop such a data fusion system provided a single source.


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